An Open Letter to the Fiercest of Women

I realized today that I haven't posted a blog in awhile. Actually, it's been in the back of my brain but my weeks have been passing like days recently and I haven't taken a moment for a breath in quite a bit. 

It is just this feeling that makes me reflect on two things. First, I've been realizing that somehow in this whirlwind of portrait experiences, weddings, family celebrations and, well, life, my zeal for serving you lovely people hasn't been blunted. In fact, it's been amplified!

That leads me to the next biggest part of my reflection : you! This year especially the community of women with whom I interact has grown tremendously and not just in number. I've formed wonderful friendships with some of you and deep unspoken loyalty to making sure you ladies, ALL of you ladies, know just how precious you are. You are already some of the kindest, most generous, fierce and also gentle women I know. You ladies surmount mountains that would daunt most of us, push through tragedies and create your own victories. You are a collection of courageous mothers, humanitarians, inspiring artists and passionate entrepreneurs. I must tell you, you all are an inspiration and it is my pleasure to know and photograph you.

Thank you for bringing me into your lives. Thank you for baring your souls, sharing your victories and being true. Each of you are blessings. It is my sincerest hope that you look at yourself on a daily basis and know just how incredible you are.

- With Love and Loyalty -