Celebrate Change

It has taken us countless hours spilling water, wine, food, playing (destructively) with kids toys, baking in the heat, and staring at the sun to find our Perfect.

Your "perfect" what? What are you talking about?

Well, I am so glad you asked!

We are talking about our most recent change : our greater focus on a greater service.

I promise I'll get to the wine, sun and food in a second, but first, I'll give you the broad scope. We've previously been what is called a "Shoot and Burn" photography company. Shoot and Burners simply focus on taking your portraits and then burning a CD of those portraits. We would always cull and edit your images, giving you the best our service allowed at that point in time, but we would go no further.

When our clients came back for more portrait sessions, we always asked if they printed any photographs. I cannot tell you how many of our clients have come back for sessions and told me that they have never printed a single photograph.

Let that sink in...

Here you are investing time coordinating your outfits, fixing your hair, having professional makeup done, driving to and from your session and, when it comes to weddings, investing in a venue, manicures and pedicures, tux purchases, buying cake, flowers, just to name a few investments - making everything and everyone as beautiful as they can be - and you never printed a single photograph...

you never printed a single photograph...

you never printed a single photograph...

This thought haunts (specifically me) like the "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." I know you all love your portraits, I know you treasure them. You've invested your precious time and your money into your sessions and your weddings. So, why not make prints or make albums?!

Finally, it dawned on me. I was the one doing the disservice! I was the one who could change this for you. I could help you get your beautiful portraits on the wall, in albums and in the hands of your loved ones.

So, we put our minds to finding the best products out there.

You will now not only receive personalized portrait and wedding services, but products that are tailored to your needs and vision. You will have the opportunity to sit down with an expert and design a masterpiece collection for your walls, heirloom albums and custom print orders. You will no longer labor for days choosing who wants what portrait and what size; you will no longer stress over deciding what portraits would look best in your home and where. You now have that service at your ready to help guide and advise you, and it will take a fraction of the time!

You now also have the assurance that your canvas, your albums and your prints will last for years to come. (Here comes the wine and food part!)

Any product you purchase from Alyson Lawton Photography is protected with a UV Coating, water-proof and/or water resistant coating(s) and is preserved on archival grade materials.

We've spilled water, wine and various foods on each product. We've sat each product in the sunlight for weeks straight and even let them bake in our car in temperatures over 100 degrees in direct sunlight! For those of you who have children or things just tend to get bumpy in your house, we've run credit cards, metal trains, plastic cars, playdough, and numerous other objects over each product.

All to find the sturdiest, most beautiful product options for your beautiful memories!

We did find that Sharpies don't have a fix, and, while we cannot guarantee our product is 100% indestructible, we can guarantee that your precious heirlooms will withstand a good amount of what life could throw at you. Oh, and did I mention that all of your products come with warranties? 

So there you have it! You now have longstanding, archival, custom products at your fingertips with access to expert knowledge and a personal portrait and/or wedding experience! We are incredibly excited to embark on this new avenue with you and can't wait to see you in our studio here soon! 

(click here to view our blog on how to clean your products if they incur harm. Please first always contact us directly at 336.310.9439)