Celebrate Beauty, Celebrate You

You may have noticed a trend here at Alyson Lawton Photography over the past few days. We are here to give you the inside scoop and answer your biggest questions!

                                What's with all the celebrating?  

                                                  Is there a big party going on?

                        If there is, am I invited?

                                                          Is there cake??

YES!!! There is a huge party happening at Alyson Lawton Photography, with delicious goodies, wine, brownies, cake - you name it! All the attendees are dressed to the nines, sporting beautiful gowns, couture designs, gorgeous hair and makeup and looking stunning!

The best news? You're not only invited, you are the guest of honor

That's right, we're celebrating your beautiful self!

"Celebrate You" is a campaign designed for women of all ages to shine! 

Each of you ladies are unique and special, radiating inner and outer beauty. If we get real for a moment though, don't we all struggle with knowing and feeling just how beautiful we are?

Sometimes it's a daily battle, other times the negativity comes and goes. It can be self-inflicted, endorsed by beauty standards around us, or even enforced in our personal relationships. Any way you look at it, it can get hard to pick yourself up again, look into yourself and look in a mirror and know 'I am beautiful.'

That's why why you deserve to be celebrated. You deserve to know and see just how magnificent you are.

So, why not spend a day in a relaxing environment with wine in hand, fresh fruit and baked goodies at your fingertips, being pampered with your own professional hair and makeup team? 

AND not only that, but you will have the opportunity to dress up in wardrobe that has been hand-selected and styled for you, as well as your own favorite outfits, and be the star of your own glamorous photoshoot!

When all that is said and done, the night is yours - go paint the town! You'll certainly be dressed to impress and have the confidence that will stop people in the footsteps.

Go ahead. Treat yourself.

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