The Winds of Change...

Hello, Everyone!

It is with great excitement that I write this blog. There are many new changes coming to fruition here at Alyson Lawton Photography that I am eager to unveil!

I'm certain you all have seen our gears change in the past year and a half. We went from a focus on weddings, general portraiture and fashion and are now honed in on our specialty and what we love most - Beauty & Weddings!

We love so many facets of photography, but wanted to be more goal oriented in mastering our craft and, ultimately, providing you, our clients, with a more intimate portrait experience and a higher quality of service. 

Part of that was narrowing down our focus. While it was a hard decision at first, we couldn't be happier in the direction we're going. Beauty Portraits and Wedding Photography are where our hearts truly lie. You'll be learning just why we chose Beauty & Weddings as our focus in upcoming blogs. 

Don't worry, that's not all - there is so much more to come! 

In the next few weeks, you'll notice several changes on our website - aesthetically and contextually. I will personally walk you through each of these exciting changes.

We are incredibly blessed and thankful to be sharing this journey with you! 

See you again soon!

- A