The Paper Doll Portfolio

At the heart of our business, we appreciate our clients and value keeping our business collaborations local. With these conducts in mind, we are excited to announce an incredible partnership! We will be partnering with The Paper Doll Portfolio

What is The Paper Doll Portfolio?

Chelsey Wolf, Founder of The Paper Doll Portfolio, explains it best. "Each and every portfolio is made to represent YOUR personal style by featuring a collection of garments that can be cut out and placed on YOUR unique doll. I make a doll that look just like you or your loved one, with 3-4 garment collections that fit their unique personality. There is also a Design Guide in each portfolio that consists of my favorite Fashion Laws and Faux Pas as well as some Basics to Color Theory for you to use as a muse."

Chelsey also personally handcrafts Paper Doll Portraits for your life's cornerstones. We will be giving their one-of-a-kind Paper Doll Portrait's away to our wedding clients and some of our portrait clients! With the incredible likeness of each portrait, our clients will be able to enjoy a charming artisan gift preserving their Life Event.  Make sure you check out The Paper Doll Portfolio and send some love to them on Twitter (@dollportfolio) should you be one of our lucky clients to receive a Paper Doll Portrait.

You may also place an order through their Etsy Shop-

We are looking forward to the new avenues our Partnership will open and are happy to share the joy with you!