What to Wear : Senior Portrait Session

What to Wear : Senior Portrait Session

Our clients often ask us what to wear for their portrait session. We know you want to look good, and we want to make sure you not only love your portraits, but don't have that little draw back in your head saying "Why did I wear that?!" - Let's face it, we've all been there.

So, here is our "What to" guide focusing on High School and College Seniors!

We recommend that you bring at least one formal outfit. Whether it be dress pants, a collared shirt and tie or your prom or commencement dress, a nice traditional outfit is a Go-To.

Why, cap and gown, of course! This is a cornerstone in your life, and what better way than to capture the cornerstone than with your cap and gown! Make sure that if you have Honors to bring your sashes!

Each of you have a signature style. Bring several outfits that you wear on a day to day basis. Own it!

In case you were wondering, Yes! Yes, you can have portraits taken with your guitar! Yes, you can have portraits taken with your dog, your truck, your mustang, your best friend, your chemistry set, your letterman jacket - You should be celebrated for everything that is you!

For any session, bring an outfit that when you put it on you feel like the best "you" there can be. If you feel like you, it's much easier to be open to the camera and ultimately that's the goal : To have portraits of YOU!

Make sure your clothes aren't wrinkled and are freshly washed. These portraits will hang on your walls, be passed out to your friends - this is how you will be remembered!

Take time to match your outfits. I've done it myself, accidentally wearing navy socks with black pants and shoes AND a brown belt. Yes, that was the same day. It was not my proudest moment.

Another important element to consider is choosing outfits bring out the best from your physical features. Seek out outfits that compliment your skin tone, accent your eyes or bring out the highlights in your hair.

(See our Color Chart on Pinterest for assistance in choosing the right color for you)

We love helping our clients with a wardrobe consultation. To book your Senior Session and schedule your wardrobe consultation, contact us at 336.310.9439 or alysonlawton@aol.com.