Our Story : Clinton & Stacey

I would do anything...

How did you meet?

"We first met as bartenders together at Red Lobster!  We started dating off and on, then when Clinton moved away to Richmond, I went for a visit one weekend." - Stacey

That weekend, they realized how much they hated being apart and decided that long distance or not, being together was what they needed.

"I knew he was the one pretty quickly into our relationship.  I remember talking to my mom on the porch of my old house in Christiansburg, telling her I knew it had only been a couple weeks and it was really fast, but there was just something about him that was different, important, and completely captivating and I knew he was the right one for me." -Stacey 

"When I lived in Richmond, there was a weekend where Stacey came to visit me.  I remember lying on my couch with my head on her chest, listening to her heartbeat, and thinking that I would do anything for that heart.  That was when I knew." - Clinton 

Tell us about your engagement...

"I knew that Clinton had talked to my parents and that it was coming at some point, so I had to try to restrain myself from asking too many questions or ruining it.  I held it in for a long time, talking to my mom, sister, and best friends, but trying not to push Clinton too much.  We were in Gatlinburg the weekend after my birthday for a weekend getaway, and it all just came to a boil, and I had a meltdown at dinner.  In an effort to comfort me, Clinton told me he was planning it for the next day on the SkyLift at sunset.  He still managed to pull off a surprise by doing it on our hike at the waterfall, and it was perfect!  I was beyond excited – and still am!" - Stacey

"I had been planning it for a couple months.  I was excited, and all the way up our hike, I just wanted to hurry up and get there.  When the time came, I slipped on wet rocks and almost lost the ring in the river!" - Clinton 

What do you love about each other?

"I love that she loves me unconditionally and really does try so hard to make me happy, oh and that she is a great cook, and all the kids love her, and my mom does too." -Clinton

"I love the safe, secure trust I feel with him, and that he challenges me to be a better version of myself." -Stacey

"She always bites the inside of her cheeks and it’s cute." - Clinton

"I love when he wakes up singing, especially his usual wake-up song (Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right)." -Stacey

Does your wedding have a theme? 

Stacey grew up in a rural area on a farm and drew much of the inspiration for the theme, as well as gathered many pieces for the décor, from her grandparents’ house, around the barn, and from the property, so there’s a lot of heritage and sentiment in it.

What are you looking forward to on your wedding day?

"Dancing with my wife!" -Clinton

"It’s hard to choose just one thing!  I’m really looking forward to being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Surratt, and walking out through our closest friends and family." -Stacey

What advice can you give future Brides and Grooms? 

"Time goes so fast!  Especially as the date gets closer – it seems like weeks just fly by faster and faster!  It’s something people say, but you don’t really get it until it happens. Enjoy the small moments and book people early!" -Stacey & Clinton


Photography – Photography by Alyson Lawton

Florist – Mother of the Bride

Ceremony and Reception Location – Hanover Park Vineyard

Wedding Planner – Jennifer Bowen

DJ – our iPods

Dress Designer – Allure Bridals (via Bedazzled Bridal, Gastonia NC)

Makeup Artist – Sister of the Bride

Catering Company – Pepper Moon Catering, Greensboro NC

Cake/Cookies – Kai’s Cookies, Charlotte NC