Event : NC Shakes Tea and Fashion Show

The NC Shakespeare Festival is an organization which enriches the Triad with plays, camps, workshops and a divine taste of culture. Each year they hold a decade themed Tea and Fashion Show fundraiser which supports the NC Shakes themselves, allowing the organization to continue enhancing the Triad. 

This year's Tea and Fashion show was "Happy Days : Fashions of the 1950's." High Point's socialites gathered into Queen Elizabeth hall to enjoy and reminisce as members of the NC Shakes displayed formal, casual and the iconic 50's wear. There was laughter as Studebakers, Jukeboxes and the "Greaser" were recollected. A pensive air fell about the room as the affects WW2 had on the lives of everyone in the era. Yet, a pride and transcended with those of the WW2 era and the room was thick with victory. Yes, 60 years later, the 1950's are still the golden years.

It was an enlightening event and one cannot help but to walk away with a sense of gratitude and a re-calibrated spirit. To the NC Shakes and the attendees of the Tea and Fashion Show, thank you for this opportunity and great work.