Event : Bistro B.

It was great working with Yelp! Businesses on one of their Elite Reviewer Dining Experiences. 

Yelp! hosted their event in Kernersville, NC at Bistro B. home to world renowned chef Timothy A. Bocholis. "El Jefe," Master chef Bocholis's nickname, and the Bistro served 10 diners a wonderful and photogenic 8 course meal. The Bistro atmosphere was filled with the aroma of delicious food, constant laughter and a quaint elegance.  

Bistro B is tucked away in a very niche alley near the historic district in Kernersville. It is only a short distance from one of my favorite locations to photograph in Kernersville - Korner's Folly. 

The evening was yet another reminder in my life that you never know the beauty or experiences you might find around a corner. It was a fun experience to be a part of and I walked away with a new appreciation for the culinary arts, their culture and yet another hidden gem.