Musings : Well Springs

There are times when there is a tug inside me, a rush from the well-springs in my heart that surges against every wall inside until it can burst forth. This creative passion is the nourishment of my artist's soul.

RecentlyI had the opportunity to work wittwgreaartiston a whim.  Iwas one othose,

"Hmmm... I want to create."

             "Yodo? Me too!!"

"Well,  have time tomorrow. Whado you think abou____?"

             "PerfectI can bring this and this and this!"

was luckenough to gepulled in, and it was greatThiis whawe produced :

Quick side note, it's alwayimportant to surround yourself with good people, invesiyour community and to keep creative people around you. Never underestimatthe power and influence of community.

- Alyson

Head Photographer