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So, we decided to keep our castings close to home.

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*If you would like to clarify or follow up on a casting, please contact us via alysonlawton@aol.com*

8-?-14 - "Avant Garde" Workshop - Charlotte, NC

Erin McDermott

6-13-15 - "European Style" Groupshoot - Raleigh, NC
Models to be announced 5/11/15

18 to 27 years old
Size 2 to 4
5'6" to 6'1
NO tattoos
NO piercings; may be removable

4-29-15 - Fairy Tale Workshop

Emily Rinaudo
Krista Portas
Shannon Dawn Rauch
Nikki Cee

2-21-15 - Old Hollywood Glamour


Marrah Carrol
Genevieve Cordery
Alice Cordery
Ravyn J.

1-21-15 - Old Hollywood Glamour

Models :
Aurora Hope
Alice Cordery
Wendy Jordan
Michelle G. Grace
Dakota Sumners