{ It's all about you. }

Yes, you! You are beautiful, you are unique and you should be celebrated! 

That's what we do here at Alyson Lawton Photography. We give you the care and individual attention you deserve. Whether it's your wedding day, a girl's day out or your own one-on-one beauty experience, you'll walk away knowing you are beautiful and feeling amazing!

Getting personal...

I'm the youngest of four children. I have two stunning older sisters and a very handsome older brother. My siblings are smart, athletic, charming and wonderful. They each are strong and unique individuals whom I love.

Growing up, I envied them. I wanted to be them, to amount to what they amounted to, to be complimented as much as they were, for someone to notice I was special, smart and pretty too. 

That didn't happen for a long time. In fact, I received just the opposite. I often felt stupid, ugly and like a waste of space. I realize now that the people who made me feel that way just needed love and were taking out their problems on me.

Now, I know I'm beautiful. I know I'm special. I know I have something to offer the world.

And what can I offer the world? 

My contribution to this world is Beauty. It's helping you see just how beautiful you are and just how special your life is - because you are! 

Say it outloud and own it : I AM BEAUTIFUL.

It's helping you celebrate YOU in the most fulfilling way; providing tangible memories for your loved ones to hold close and capturing your time in history. You were here. You matter. Here's your proof!

I want to give each of you the gift of seeing what others see, seeing what I see, seeing the beauty that your family and those who love you see. You deserve it!

Come and celebrate you!