January 24th 2015


Below is a calendar for our day.

Sessions will run up to one hour.

Please come one hour before your session to allow plenty of time for our lovely Hair and Makeup artist (HMUA) to complete your look.

Please come with your foundation on.

Please bring heels in multiple colors. We should have discussed your footwear.

If you have any questions, please contact Alyson directly at 336.310.9439.

**Each time you check the schedule, please refresh your browser to make certain the webpage is showing all the current date

9:00am to 10:00am : Wendy
(Be present for HMUA at 8am sharp)

10:30am to 11:00am : Aurora
(Be present for HMUA at 9:30am sharp)

11:30am to 12:30pm : Alice C.
(Be present for HMUA at 10:30am sharp)

1:00pm to 2:00pm : Michelle 
(Be present for HMUA at 12:00pm sharp)

2:30pm to 3:30pm : Samantha 
(Be present for HMUA at 1:30pm sharp)

4:00pm to 5:00pm : Audra 
(Be present for HMUA at 3:00pm sharp)

5:30pm to 6:30pm : Jennifer K
(Be present for HMUA at 4:30pm sharp)

7:30pm to 8:30pm : Kristen & Turner 
(Be present for HMUA at 6:30pm sharp)

9:00pm to 10:00pm : Ashley C. 
(Be present for HMUA at 8:00pm sharp)

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Session Time
Please submit your idea session time. If for some reason the schedule has not been updated and I do not have it available, I will email you.